We are without doubt living in some very strange times. Confusion, fear, doubt and the inability to think clearly is sweeping the world, like a virus. If you’re one of these people,   you’ll be  glad to hear that you’re not alone. There is a disturbance in the force that leaves us  questioning our very sanity, and it is not our fault.

Firstly,  reassure yourself that what you feel is actually very real. It means that you are in tune and sensitive to the vibrational state of the planet.  It means you’re very being is at one with nature. It means regardless of what you’re being told, you feel a real sense of imminent danger, A sense that there is something very wrong with the world. None of this is our doing, but we feel it all too well.

The disturbance in the force you feel is a positive sign. The planet we share is abundant with life, no matter what form it takes. As human beings,  we are all indirectly connected to every living organism on the planet. With all the wars,  killing off innocent people and the poisoning of the planet,  the vibrational state of the planet is changing, day by day.  We can no longer ignore what is going on around us, but are limited to what we can do about it.

The media fills us with negativity, politicians continually lie and manipulate the masses, and corporations continue to destroy the very fabric of our planet through toxic pollution.

The vibrational state of the planet is changing for the worse,  which can only mean one thing;  hatred, anger and greed have taken over as the dominant forces around us.

Everywhere you look, those in power are provoking confrontation with one nation or another. Our politicians are making irrational decisions that affect our daily lives and the lives of future generations, which is causing domestic conflict and segregation amongst classes, races and religions. And should you express an opinion that falls outside of the “norm”,  you are ridiculed and abused on social media platforms.

The feelings you are experiencing are very real  and should not be dismissed lightly. Be confident that you are not alone.

We are headed for huge social changes  over the next few years. It is now more important than ever to remain calm. Speak your truth, without insults. Be free to express yourself,  without fear or peer pressure and encourage those around you to be positive, and not confrontational.

With more love in our hearts, there is no room for hate. Be grateful for all that you have and stop looking at those who “seem”  to have more. Stop listening to those who think they have the answers and trust your own instincts. Be true to yourself.

Resonate at a higher level than those around you, and accept that the times we currently live in are temporary.

The disturbance in the force that you feel is a positive sign that you are in tune with your environment and that’s a gift that many do not have. Never doubt your own instincts, only those who challenge your core instincts should be doubted.